Events that occur on a daily basis. Interactions that would be considered the norm and how they are able to shape our perception of the world and people. People come not only in all shapes and sizes but they are all unique in their own way. The impression we may have of a person also may determines how we may view race, religion and even ourselves. I will talk about something that has effected me and that has left a lasting effect on me.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


ipsy-feature                 So this is my first beauty subscription and I was so hyped up about it that I decided to share the discovery with everybody virtually. I found Ipsy on YouTube where I was recommended videos by its feed on some wannabe makeup gurus channel. That individual would give reviews on the bag and talk about how you could get the subscription. The detail that sparked my interest was that Ipsy only cost ten dollars a month. For that amount you would get a chance to try four to six items per month and there was a possibility of the items being full sized.I never imagined that the anticipation would kill me. The fact that I  had signed up after March 1st meant that I had to wait for the bag that would be offered next month. My mouth literally watered. I would go and look on various YouTube channels at the bags that everybody had gotten over the course of a year. My fiance kept on hearing about this bag aka beauty subscription until his ears blistered and he felt like a new addition of the family was arriving. It didn't help that on Facebook Ipsy kept on giving such illustrative hints that teased the imagination. So if you want to try this beauty subscription click here:

           Finally my bag did arrive! The items included weren't completely a surprise but a tad bit disappointing because of the size.

The goodies that I loved in my bag were the following:

1. City Color White Color Shadow and Highlight Mouse
Even though it was a full sized item I still thought it was a tad bit on the small side. Like come on it isn't even 1 oz! I can imagine using this color as not only an obvious eyeshadow but also to try as a highlight. Being a makeup newbie highlight would be an unexplored territory for me. On the website it says that these retails for $3.99. 

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide- On Eye Pencil Travel Size:

OK, so who doesn't like Urban Decay?! I have heard so many raves about this product on YouTube. The fact that I got this in my Ipsy bag was an unexpected boon. I had tried one of the Urban decays eyeliners in the past but in the color purple. Unfortunately, my eyes didn't take too kindly to the product since I am allergic to the some ingredient in colored pencils for most brands. Hopefully the black color, which I use often, will work out and it came with an attached tutorial on smokey eyes. This usually retails for ten dollars which covers the entire price of the bag.

3. Tinted Lip Balm by Cailyn:

This lip balms style was an eye catcher for me. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would get this item. I was thrown outta my comfort zone when I saw that the color I had received was Acid Pink which is close to the Orchid color featured in many upcoming spring trends. Surprisingly my lips looks gorgeous. Even though I am a caffeine drinker and was concerned that my teeth would be too stained, they gleamed white. The only shortcoming was that the product sat in my lips fine lines so exfoliating is a given even though this is a lip balm. Also it wasn't as moisturizing for me as other users had mentioned. This product was full sized and retails for $12. The brush was a lovely touch and makes it easier to apply the product.

4. Benefit lollitint:
This product was a sample size and reminded me of the retro days when staining your cheeks and lips were a given. I was disappointed that I had gotten a sample size because I could have just gotten that at Sephora for free. The upside is that the color  is Orchid which was declared the color of the year. I also have never tried a product of this kind before.

5. Look So Natural Lashes by KISS

At least I can claim that I have owned a pair of lashed in my life! That being said I really would have gone without this product but since this subscription aims to explore makeup and beauty options, I was not too put out by this. I would have preferred to get my lashes in Vamp for Halloween but instead ended up with Flirty. I'll give it a try because I love KISS Nail Products. This item retails for $3.99 and is a full sized product.

So the total value of the items is rounded off to $30. Which isn't too bad for ten dollars. Considering the value of the past bags exceeded $60, I had expected more of a punch. The fact that all products come inside an IPSY themed make up bag is a nice touch. They also try to add some glam to the packaging by packing it in a bright pink bubble envelope. I felt like I got the value of my money this month for the subscription and have heard on YouTube that this is one of the better $10 subscriptions.

If you guys are interested you can click on my referral code:

This referral code is one of the  great ways to get points for free future items. Also points can also be accumulated by reviewing your bag, products and sharing feedback on Facebook. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Once Upon A Time

The show Once Upon A Time had an episode explaining why the Evil Queens one true love was the reason behind why she hates Snow White. In all fairy tales the antagonists side of the story is never fully considered.  The Queen is just considered evil and the fairy tales assumption is that the audience will take in stride as such. The fact that she actually had a "true love" is never considered. The show depicts various points of view one of which where Snow White innocently played a hand in the untimely demise of the Queens love. Ultimately, the evil queens mother kills him to further her own ambition using her daughter as a vessel which leads to the Queen's plummet into darkness. The angle of Snow Whites daughter being the only one able to save the land of Storybrooke is a very different from the original fairytale. In the original tale Snow White is never shown as having children and the evil Queen dies dancing in the red shoes that she forced to wear at Snow Whites wedding.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Modern day fairy tale connections Part One


This book has  a scene that coincides with the Grimm's tale called The Children Who Played at Slaughtering. The author Marjane gets her childhood playmates together to attack another child by poking his eyes out with nails. The children believe this is justified since the child's father is a guard that persecutes people that are against the current regime. They want to punish him for his fathers crime and are stopped by Marjanes  mother who gets to them before they can cause any really harm. In the fairytale, the children believe that slaughtering one of their playmates is justified since they saw the adults slaughtering their livestock. The children believe that by mimicking the adults behavior that makes it "ok" for them to play at slaughtering without any dire consequences.

Mirror Mirror the  movie:

The story of Snow White is retold in this epic movie starring Julia Roberts as the Queen. The movie starts with the introduction of dark magic, which is fought by the King who disappears, that is not the case in the fairytale where he actually dies. The mirror on the wall is a reflection of the Queen's inner self and there is no magical being like the one in the fairytale. Snow White is decidedly shown in a comical aspect. The Prince is stripped off of his clothing by the bandits who also happen to be the dwarves. The dwarves take Snow White in when she escapes from the Queen but hesitantly and there is no mention of any caves in the movies. The apple which kills Snow White in the fairytale isn't seen until the very end when the Queen is an old woman, not by choice but the price she pays for all of her spells and magic. Snow White sees rights through the Queens last attempt at killing her and reminds the Queen not to forget the grand scheme of things and her place in it. The Queen does not die in the end like in the fairytale but becomes a shriveled old woman who has lost all her beauty and the kingdom. Snow White is seen as very smart which is conveyed in the movie when she sees right through the last conniving trick of the already defeated Queen.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Various Endings

Clever Hans:

Is a formula tale that always begins in a similar fashion. It can be considered a cumulative tale because the beginning is always the same. The tale can also be considered a cautionary tale because it warns the reader that one should think for themselves or they will end up like Hans with no bride.

How some children played at slaughtering:

This is a cautionary tale that has a hidden warning. The warning is aimed at the parents specifically in reference to the things they might do in front of their children that lead to death and chaos. In the first part the child picked the apple which was a sign that he was innocent of the slaughter and that the child's intentions was not malicious. The second part led to the death of a whole family. The mother was not able to control her emotions and loses all her children  in the process of killing one. 

Maiden without hands: 

This is a fairytale and a religious one. It tells the reader that you should trust in God. You should never expect anything for nothing from random strangers that you do not know. The parents are only seen in the beginning and then the whole story revolves around the daughter. The daughter is punished for the sins of her parents when the devil tries to ruin her marriage. God intervenes and protects her while her husband is searching for her.

Freddie and Katy:

This is a cautionary tale that has omissions in it. The omission would be the rape of the wife. In the end the transition of her whole personality shows a 180 degree change because of that incident. The husband deserts her in her time of need and the parson is shown as the devil yet she is considered the devil. Her behavior is very childish and contrary before she gets raped. After the incident the whole story is flipped.

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Life has defeated you.
   Death had beckoned once before
 Consider death as the ultimate peace
  Your naiveté has led you down this road.
   Isolated from all the most because of this pillar of strength you convey.
   You walked the road.

The apple fell from the tree
    Trust me it was as far as one would like to dream.
     Being a statistic or case study
     Is not what I had in mind.
     Yet the apple is pretty close to the tree.

Yet i disappoint myself.
     I ....... I do it all the time!
    I am not that much different then you
    I had hoped to be much better.
    Alas, it has not passed
     What am I suppose to do?
      Frustration makes me remember.......
       How life had defeated your dream once true.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Cinderella (The French Version)

Who would have thought that they were so many versions of all the fairytales we heard as a child? I for one always thought that Disney was the authentic and only version. Boy was I wrong!

Today I will be discussing the French version of Cinderella.

In this version the father is completely ruled by his new wife and doesn't  defend Cinderella against his new family. Cinderella is exceedingly good natured and this is displayed when she helps her step-sisters get ready for the ball. In this version, Cinderella actually has a fairy God mother and the step sisters are mentioned more often as her tormentors then her step-mother. The step-sisters actually ask for Cinderella's' forgiveness when they find out that she is the mysterious girl from the ball. Cinderella not only shares her fruits at the ball  but also her good fortune, by bringing her sisters to the palace with her, and getting them married to the gentlemen in the court.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Throny labyrinth

To be in a world of our own making,
                     feelings of self -reproach haunt me.

Perfection is constantly sought,
               have achieved what ?

The world does intrude you know.
you cant just survive on plain old love everlasting
Knights just don't exist anymore.....
No one puts their life, mortally in harms way for anyone.

Flesh, bones and sinew define me,
I am human just like you
Yet I have placed myself in a solitude
A dungeon of regrets ...........

Unconditional love is dream
No one ever deems anybody worth of that ..........
Some people are just meant to be alone.....................
Alone in a thorny  labyrinth of their own making
A maze that pricks ones body
and harms ones heart.

So many loves have gone and passed
Some persons are not worthy of that one true word
such a gift is only meant for a numbered few....................

At last the feeling is a sharp cut
breaks the organ of my heart.................
No discussions just one decision........................

Peace I had briefly felt ........................
Moments in time I have held
Gone like the sand through my hand
dry and wet ..........................
Until this shell is nevermore
and the thirst stay eternal .

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Donkey Prince

The Donkey Prince

Four Elements from the Donkey Prince that are similar to other fairy tales:
The magic apple is portrayed in Snow White as the means to kill her, which is used by the evil queen. In the Donkey Prince the apple is seen as a wedding gift given to the Queen by her father, the West Wind.  The apple is seen as a source of constant beauty and health for the Queen. Later on in the story, when the Donkey is fully grown, the Queen loses the apple and is on her deathbed which is the complete converse to the tale of Snow White who eats the apple and is close to death.

The Queen is asked by the Brown Men of the Hills to take in their young child even though she does not give them the apple to break their curse. This is very similar to the Rapunzel fairytale where the Witch gets a child in exchange for her rapunzel. In this case the only similarity is the child. The Donkey prince will go back to its normal human form which is similar to the fairytale Beauty and the Beast. Even though he is adopted by the Queen, he is the heir of the throne. He is loved by the Queen and her husband, not abused or mistreated by either.

She is an orphan who lives with an old woman who makes her do straw plaiting. The straw is drawn from the story of Rumplestilskin. She is also like Beauty and her role is very similar to that of Beauty. Donkey’s curse is broken just like Beast’s by the love of Daisy. At the end of the story she marries the Prince and the Brown Men of the Hill all return to their true forms.
Wild man Hlajki:
They meet Hlajki while they are searching for the wild man that stole the Queens apple. They greet him courteously. They offer him the fare that they are supping on and are very friendly. That throws Hlajki totally off balance because he didn’t expect any friendliness.
At the end Hlajki, gets his reward at the end by becoming the leader of all Wild men. 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Journal Entries for German Fairytales Written in 2012


The show "Once Upon a Time" is a show that I actually make the time for. It is a mixture of all the Fairy tales and authenticity is a question mark that ABC a subsidiary of Disney loves to disregard. There is a episode of  "Hansel and Gretal" that I would like to mention. Unlike the fairy tale there is no happy ending.  The children are sent to seek an apple from the Witch, who owns the sweets house, by another witch. There is no stepmother in the story and the father is a woodsman gathering wood. The evil queen, Snow White's step mother aka the second witch offers the children a home which is declined by the children and sends the witch into a rage. Her reprisal consists of finding the children's  father and cursing the family to search for each other for all eternity.


Hair is considered a weapon of seduction and finesse in the fairytales. Rapunzal is seen as using her hair to bring her prince into the tower. In modern day hair is still considered one of the attributes of beauty. Women spend so much money on hair spray, gel, straightening irons and the list can go on and on. Lustrous long hair is considered a sign of great beauty. When I cut my hair a month ago, my grandmother and even some of my coworkers were upset, they were like "Why would you cut your hair?" At the same time people in our society to dye hair into a blonde hue because of the Disney versions of  these very fairytales. Regardless, of whether their skin tone is compatible with their hair color the majority are often seen highlighting that hair color. This proves that the desire to obtain that fairy like beauty is still in our society today.


Last month I went shoe shopping and I noticed right away shoes that look like ballet slippers. They reminded me of Cinderella and even though they were not made of glass, they were very dainty and flimsy looking. When I got the shoes, it just confirmed the obvious. One of the shoes were made all out of fur and cost me more then the other pair which had silver linings and designs on it. The fur apparently is more distinguished looking hence pricier but it reminded me of how it was mentioned n class that in some versions of Cinderella her slippers could have been made out of fur. This also could go back to the original story of "All Fur". The name of these shoes are called "footzey rolls". Cinderella should have gotten her shoes from that company and for sure she would not have lost them.

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Urban books and the public library

                  I never thought that I would find antagonistic forces at the Brooklyn Public Library. On this occasion I went to the Highlawn Branch and boy did I come across some great staff that exhibited unprofessional behavior. Libraries aren't what they use to be anymore. In my childhood they were actually a quiet place where you could  hear a pin drop. Nowadays they are staffed with bullies that mock you and mumble underneath their breathes without giving a fig about being professional. Relaxing with a book is so not an option.
                 My tale begins with a protagonist, myself, who battles evil forces just to maintain civility at the library. So I walk in and I was talking on the phone with my boyfriend about a personal matter, I find a table empty of any occupants which is a rarity. I sit down and take out my keys on the table and my notebook. I thought this was a perfect opportunity for some quality time writing. I was still in the midst of the conversation  and one of the female staff members passes by the table looking for keys. She sees my keys on the table which I had just taken out of my bag not more then a minute ago and asked a young man if those were his keys. I looked and scrutinized her. Why would she think I have his keys with a female shoe key chain on it? I suppose one can always consider that the young man had a shoe fetish. I guess my notebook was also his and just happened to be at my house hence inside my bag!! So the woman starts looking for keys at the computer terminals and when she noticed everybody raising their heads and looking at her she said "I am not looking at you but for his keys!"
               My phone conversation was still ongoing at this point and I was having an argument. At this point the a male staff member came with a cart of books and DVDs, banging it right into to my table. For the point of this narrative we'll call him Yuri. Since he was not wearing a name tag and lacked the manners to introduce himself that is what we will go by. So he grabs my attention and then the mumbling began. It was incoherent at best but it was a common incident when I am in the library and this Yuri was working. I was starting to fume, I understood if  this was coincidental once, twice maybe even three times but this happened every time I came here and this Yuri was working. I had enough!!!! So I got up and went to him saying, " Would you stop looking at me and mumbling at the same time!" He didn't respond right away but I walked away to find a supervisor. I found the previous female staff member and I asked her who the supervisor was. I went to the supervisor with that female staff member and found myself being spurned with her saying, "If you need help you can go to that female at that desk." I responded with, "I would like to speak to a supervisor."  During this time while I was waiting for her that individual came back and yelled at me so loudly that the whole library heard. He said, " I would not look at you. I am not interested in looking at you". I turned around and told him, "Well maybe you should be professional then." She came back after the encounter and I  angrily said, "I find being the target of this type of behavior very strange and weird. Whenever I come to the library this guy always bumps into the table I am sitting at and mumbles when he passes me. I really don't understand this behavior". I continued, "Considering this is a public library I don't  understand how he always ends up at my table, mumbling and staring. Should I consider myself in danger? I find it also very unprofessional and makes me uncomfortable. I really don't find this coincidental any longer since it has exceeded more then three encounters." She asked me who he was and walked away without further conversation.
          Albeit I can see that I was coming across as a drama queen with the use of the word "danger" but I was trying to make her understand how acutely uncomfortable I was.
          Wordlessly she took me and Yuri into a room, that was used for tutoring or  homework, where I repeated what I said to her. I also mentioned that I was with a person last time that witnessed that behavior and that this time I was by myself. He shuffled his feet and didn't make any eye contact with me or her. He responded saying that he was just talking to himself so he could figure out his work. He was only there so he can shelve the DVDs and books. His supervisor responded by saying that he should be aware of his environment and if he needed a moment to himself  he should go to a private room. His body language and mumbling might make other people uncomfortable. Then she turned around and apologized to me for the occurrence. I accepted the apology and left. She had further private conversation with Yuri that I wasn't privy to.
          I found myself an isolated corner where he hopefully wouldn't bump into me again. I stayed there for a while reading interchangeably with writing. Nevertheless, I couldn't concentrate and gave up. Heaving a sigh I finally got up because I wanted to print something from the computer terminal. I ended up at the printer and swiped for my printout. The printer wasn't working and just when I was about to scratch my head another female staff member approached with some other person who had a similar problem before. To further understand my narrative I will describe her appearance and give her a name Anne. Anne was a Black woman that use to be very heavy but lost weight dramatically in a short span of time. I had seen her at this library over the course of more then three years and she was a fixture. Anne attitude was very abrupt and annoyed. Whats wrong with the printer?" Thrown off by her sudden appearance at the onset of my new predicament I replied, "Uhhhh................. It doesn't work." Shortly after I realized she was talking  to another person. She pressed a couple of buttons and rushed away bumping into me so hard that my bag almost fell onto the floor. I looked behind me and didn't understand why she brushed by me so closely when there was literally no one  next to me and so much room! She apologized. I got my printout and started looking for books.
          I found a couple of books by authors that I had read before. Then I came across a book which is considered to be from, brace yourself...................... the urban genre. Not one to discriminate and a reader of all types of books, I picked it up. The title read "Hell's Diva" By Anna J. It was a thin book and a fast enough read. I had been introduced to urban books while I was in Junior High School but I never read a book until I worked as a young professional. My fellow co-worker had given me a book with the title of "Bitch" by Deja King which had mesmerized me. That had opened me to Urban Books and a different world.   I went to check out my books and found that I couldn't take the book out. There was some sort of technically difficulty which just added to my eventful library experiences.
         I approached information with the book and no alias a woman by the name of Bridget. She was baffled and didn't know how to fix the problem. There was a volunteer who joined us and was interpreting what I guessed to be Chinese, to an elderly Asian woman. At this point I was just a fly on the wallpaper and utterly ignored without resolution to my problem. I got impatient at one point and mentioned if I could take the book out or not. She whispered she needed my help and raising an eyebrow I tried to help. The only conclusion she could come up with was that it was my card which wasn't really mine that caused the problem. I told her if that was the case  then I shouldn't have been able to take any book out! Relieved she saw Anne come out and told her I needed help.
   A child with his mom rushed by me and tried to resolve their issue first. Bridget tried to intervene and said I was here first. I found that ironic since she ignored me for someone else earlier. Anne just shrugged her shoulders.
          Finally I gave her the book I wanted to borrow. All of a sudden I heard a soft spoken utterance, "You read that kinda urban book?" I turned around and said, "Yeaaaaaa............" It was a woman of small stature, chocolate in complexion and from what I could tell a friend of Anne's. She barked in laughter "Hell's Diva" while Anne laughed alongside with her. Apparently the title was very comical yet I didn't get the jest. Then she turned around and said, "Where did you get the book?" "From the new books section" I replied. At this point  Anne told me she had to the link the book so I could take it out. Her friend asked Anne if it was from the Young adult section at the she time chucking to herself. I took my book receipt and exasperated thanked Anne. I walked away from this horrid experience fully understanding why supposed young adults, such as myself don't  want to read much of anything. With such adults who love to guffaw at young readers preferences, I am not surprised. Suffice it to say I am not a young adult and found it in the Adult section.
          I heard Anne's friend ask her my name and Anne's response " She didn't borrow the books using her library card".  I guess the privacy of the library card holder is irrelevant.