Events that occur on a daily basis. Interactions that would be considered the norm and how they are able to shape our perception of the world and people. People come not only in all shapes and sizes but they are all unique in their own way. The impression we may have of a person also may determines how we may view race, religion and even ourselves. I will talk about something that has effected me and that has left a lasting effect on me.

Monday, July 13, 2015

To all my viewers,

I know its been a while since I posted on my blog. Why has it been so? I have created a new website called drumroll......... 

I wanted a bigger platform and also something that I would consider more of my space if you get what I mean. Even if you dont please come to my new blog and support me. I have new material and ideas that I would like to share. 



Sunday, March 1, 2015

The Mythical Memebox

  So I have been getting into watching tons of YouTube. I came across another subscription box that doesn't charge on a monthly basis but is well praised on various channels on YouTube.  My review is for the following Superbox #73 F/W Natural Makeup. I ordered the box back in October of last year and was told I would receive it in November/ December dependent on when the items would be available. Suffice it to say the items came in less than perfect condition. I got six items of which one of them a ddung lipstick was broke and unsealed.
   Let me just mention that these items were purchased by me and not sent for a review by the company. This review is one hundred percent my opinion and is about the customer service I was given once I found the damaged item in my box.
  So right away I reached out to customer service and this was the response I received:
Gwen (
Dec 12 11:33
Hi there,
We're so sorry that your box(es) arrived in less than perfect condition. All items should arrive sealed, I am very sorry that it was not. I will let the warehouse know of this mistake.
At this moment, I cannot arrange reshipment of these items. It may mean waiting a few weeks, and then waiting to receive them. I am sure you know how long shipping times can take with international parcels. Would you mind waiting, or would you like meme points (store credit)?
Memebox Team
     My response was that I wasn’t interested in store credit being that UPS only delivered during normal business hours and it was hard for me to receive my packages. Going forward I was planning to not purchase any more boxes. The first time I had gotten the box they had chosen USPS to deliver and that was okay due to the reason that at the minimum I was able to pick it up on Saturday. With UPS that option wasn’t available as their facilities required a day off work since they were only open on weekdays give or take 6pm.
        I asked for the product to be replaced and this is the response I received.
Gwen (
Dec 15 16:56
Hi there,
We give meme points (store credit) as follows:
The amount you paid for the box (without shipping) divided by the contents of the box. Since you pay one flat fee for the box, not the actual value of the box, we do not give you store credit in the actual value of the item since that is not what you paid. We give meme points based on the price you did pay and the amount of items in that box.
Reshipping items is not done often because ship times are too long and we risk you getting another possibly damaged product as it may be the way it is manufactured that makes it faulty, or we could have received a faulty item.
But if you would like to wait, I can see if we have any in stock and they can ship it out in 2-3 weeks.

Memebox Team
        The fact that reshipping the items wasn’t done was a direct contradiction to the prior email, where the representative mentioned that if I was willing to wait she would reship the items. I told her that I wanted a replacement and I was willing to wait. I waited three weeks and still I had to reach out to memebox to get an update. I got the distinct impression that if I hadn’t followed up on receiving the  item would have not been in my nearby future.
Gwen (
Jan 08 12:48
HI there!
Oh man, looks like another CS rep took this ticket and did not notify me. I can only see emails assigned to myself, so when she took it I could not see it.
But I just realized, our Korea warehouse sent our US warehouse some boxes. And luckily, I have the items you need. Is this still a valid address for you:
Thanks for the suggestion. I have been meaning to update our FAQ's so once I get the chance I will.
Memebox Team
 How if it possible that you are using the representative’s name and know the items I am referring too, yet claim to know nothing about reshipping them to me in the allotted  time frame that was promised?
Gwen (
Jan 11 20:24
The entire conversation is attached to the email you have sent which is why I know which items were damaged. It created a new ticket which I could then access and see the older conversation.
I can also see in the below emails that reshipment was not agreed upon. Luckily, I have since received these items in our US warehouse so I can arrange reshipment now, but that could not have been arranged before.
You will receive an automated email some time tomorrow once your package is prepared.
Memebox Team
        Huh so why was I waiting so for three weeks for the items? What was Gwen originally talking about when she said that it would take three to four weeks to receive? Suffice it to say no apology was given but just excuses that meant going around in circles. Once that conversation was done I received my box in three days. So does it mean that I am supposed to be appreciative of damaged items? That even though their website mention damaged goods in returns and customer satisfaction a must,I wasn’t able to get a replacement?
          In conclusion I won’t be purchasing further products from this supposed beauty box in the future. The fact that there is no consistent shipper and they can utilize whatever method or excuse they want is intolerable. I am better off utilizing my money elsewhere. 

           How was your experience with Memebox? Do you like beauty boxes? Leave a comment to discuss:). 

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Starbucks: Just a hype

  I don't go to Starbucks that often but when I do there is always one key ingredient that is lacking which is customer service. My latest visit left a bitter taste in my mouth. It was on Friday, September 5th 2014 early in the morning at 9:15 am my check number was 715173. This was Starbucks Store#7497 located  in New York City. I was standing in line which consisted of ten people and was pretty slow. When the cashier said next I walked up to the register and behold she tells me to wait further since the other customer wasn't properly charged which would make her cash register short. So I waited at the cash register and while I was waiting the second register opened, that cashier just ignored me while taking another customer. Before I knew it two customers behind me had gone ahead of me while the first cashier still couldn't figure out how much change she had to give to her prior customer.
    At this point and time I was beyond angry. I felt like I was owed an apology. I heaved a heavy sigh and the first cashier noticed which made her smile. When she called me back at this point and time two people had received their orders ahead of me even though they were behind me in line. When I finally got to the register I asked if this was a regular thing in this particular Starbucks, that cashiers don't charge the proper amount and make the next person wait while they could have gone to the next register thereby avoiding being skipped by other people in line behind them? She just give me a nasty look and didn't respond or even apologize. When she gave me my change she just started talking rudely to one of her coworkers behind her. Then the receipt printed and she ripped it off the register and just crushed it into a ball in front of my face. At this point I was beyond livid and told her I wanted my receipt. She told me to wait and while I waited another Starbucks employee came. She printed out the receipt and handed it to me. When she was done she want over to the cashier and asked what happened. In a loud voice the cashier said she was acting like a "bitch". Great to know that a customer and an inconvenienced customer at that is considered a "bitch" if they voice  a complaint.
      At this point the two Starbucks employees noticed that I was starring at them and not with a happy look. The employee who gave me a receipt told me to walk down to the pickup area even though normally you get any food, which I had an order of the Spinach Breakfast wrap and an old fashioned Doughnut, right away at the register. When I got there I had determined that I had to speak to the manager even though I was pressed for time and I had to get to work. I asked for the manager and the Starbucks employee that had given me the receipt told me she was the manager, which was hard for me to believe since here name tag only mentioned her name, which was Remy. I told her that I didn't like the way that I was treated by the cashier who didn't even have a name tag on. For the inconvenience I just received a bad attitude and two customers behind me had already left the store receiving their orders before me. I should have received an apology for my inconvenience but I receive nothing. This so called "manager" apologized but it was inadvertently only offered when I verbally complained. Not once did this person approach me during the whole debacle of the incident. I would have never known that she was the manager and I frankly suspect that she was pretending to be so that the really manager wouldn't know of the complaint. The fact that the cashier didn't want to give me the receipt made me believe that she didn't want me to complain about her or have it found that she was the one doing the transaction.
    In the past getting a receipt would mean getting an attitude from the cashier. I personally prefer receipts since in this time and age identity theft is rampant. I like to reconcile my transactions to make sure I wasn't charged multiple times by the vendor. At the same time when I am not offered a receipt, which is often in Starbucks even though it prints, I am given a nasty attitude overall like I am a cheap individual for even caring how much I spend. Regardless of the location the attitude is apparent in all of them when I ask for a receipt which is my right as a customer.
    So I spent $6.00 on breakfast at Starbucks when their competitors cost half of that amount. It was so aggravating  and the customer service was poorer then what I would have received from the Dunkin Donuts or even a grocery store. Their tall lattes cost $5 and they try to come across as a brand of sophistication which includes bad customer service and cursing paying customers. 
   The conclusion I will never waste my money at this sorry excuse of a wannabe chic sophistication ever again. Not even will I step in for my birthday free gift that is how negatively this experience impacted me.  

Sunday, August 31, 2014

August Ipsy Bag

 So July was a very bad month for me with Ipsy. I was so upset they sent me a body oil and claimed it was sunscreen which also included sending me a bronzer which I would never use. Now why would I be upset?Its a makeup box that is suppose to help introduce you to new makeup. At the same time they also make you go through a quiz that lets them know what kind makeup style you lean towards and your preference towards makeup products. So guess how I felt when I received items that I had opted out of instead of something remotely close to the preference in my quiz.
    This month the items I received were way better and I was actually happy because I was planning use this month to determine whether or not I would cancel my subscription.
    The bag itself was designed based on the the idea of going back to school. I truly believe that given that the shape was that of a pencil case it should have been able to fit a pencil. Alas to my dismay it didn't so therein I don't consider it "the" bag for school as they claim. Haha.......

These are the following items I received:

1. Dr Brandt Pores No More Pore refiner:

So this is a foundation primer  and a real expensive one at that. I received a sample size in the Ipsy bag and it was worth $11.25. The full size product goes for $45 and is 1 fl oz. I haven't tried it yet but it better be give me the wow factor when I eventually do because given the price of the full sized product it would be hard to commit otherwise.

2. Perversion Mascara by Urban Decay

This is a sample size and I really love Urban Decay. I haven't used it yet but I really look forward to using this. I believe this is a value of $11.

3. J. Cat  Flying Solo Eye Shadow:

This is a full size product and the value is $2.99.  The color is half beige and I haven't used it yet. At the same time most of the eye colors that I have received from Ipsy are in the same similar gold shade. At the same time it also makes me wonder if  they are helping me with a new hobby that of which includes hoarding golden eye shadows since I'll never finish all of them.

4. Jersey Shore Sun Mongogo Lip Conditioner:

Okay when I got this product I got thrown off by the name. I thought the show Jersey Show was doing a transition into makeup. Alas I was glad to know that wasn't the case not being a fan of the show to begin with. Its a full size product that is also 100 percent organic. The product retails for $5.50.

5.  Klorane Dry Shampoo:

Now this is the product that made the bag for me this month. I have just ventured into the world of Dry Shampoo and this one is French at that. I received a travel size in 1.06 ml which is valued at $8. At the same time it better work fabulously because the price is pricey! For me to spend the money to repurchase it better work wonders.

All in all the value of the bag was $38.74 wherein I paid $10 for it. So it was close to four times the value of the bag which was fabulous. If your interested in signing up you may do so through this

What did you guys get this month? If you want to leave any thought or comments you may do so below.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

June Ipsy Bag

So excited about my June Ipsy bag that the minute I received it today I really had to share. This month the bag was gorgeous. It was designed by Rebecca Minkoff which pleasantly surprised me. I have heard of her but have never purchased any of her products. I have received five items this month. Three of which are full sized and two are deluxe sized.

1. Ofra Universal Eyebrow Pencil:
Okay, with the amount of hair on my eyebrows I have never used an eyebrow pencil. The fact that I even got one was mind boggling. I am okay with it but honestly will pass it along to one of my girlfriends to use. This is a full sized product which retails for $13.00.

2. NYX Butter Gloss:
This is a full sized product in the color Eclair. I have tried it and totally love it! The color is phenomenal. I would buy this on my own in a heartbeat. This product is $5 and is half the amount I paid for the bag.

3. Carol's Daughter Sacred Tiare Styling Cream:

I haven't used it yet. This brand can be found in Target. This is a deluxe sized sample but the full sized product is $12.00. The value for the .5 ml would be $2. So far the scent is really nice.

4. Nicka K New York:

This is a full sized product which retails for five dollars. I really love the looks I have created thus far with this eyeliner and will use this throughout the whole summer. The only downside is when I put
this eyeliner on my eyelids it tingled or burned a little.I haven't had a reaction to it so I just don't know what to think. I received this in the color blue. I will give it a couple of tries but if the birnings sensation doesnt go away I won't purchase it.
5. Real Tree For Her:
Who would have though that this product was made by a camouflage company? I really like the scent and it being a deluxe product its easy to carry. The value of the product is close to two dollars the full sized product being $25 without a discount.

I have to say overall the value of the bag exceeds the ten dollars that I paid for. The value of the bag is $27.00 dollars which is almost three times the amount I pay for the bag.
So check out Ipsy here:

So what did you get? How did you like your Ipsy bag? Let me know in the comments below.

Friday, May 16, 2014


A dream is but a dream
                         they say.
Yet once again eruption........ Tears flow
                Of potential unfulfilled
                 a faucet overflowing

Drops of water
                  hot and perpetual
                  fall everyday
Yet a dream is but a dream.

No chance given or offered
waiting for a morsel or hint of dreams.

Judgement constant presence
Until the wilted flower dies

No dreams but a dream
A person a shell

Friendly conversation stamp
A dream which was but a dream

Phoenix ignited, yet perished
Longevity never applicable
For a dream which was but a dream.

Thursday, April 17, 2014


ipsy-feature                 So this is my first beauty subscription and I was so hyped up about it that I decided to share the discovery with everybody virtually. I found Ipsy on YouTube where I was recommended videos by its feed on some wannabe makeup gurus channel. That individual would give reviews on the bag and talk about how you could get the subscription. The detail that sparked my interest was that Ipsy only cost ten dollars a month. For that amount you would get a chance to try four to six items per month and there was a possibility of the items being full sized.I never imagined that the anticipation would kill me. The fact that I  had signed up after March 1st meant that I had to wait for the bag that would be offered next month. My mouth literally watered. I would go and look on various YouTube channels at the bags that everybody had gotten over the course of a year. My fiance kept on hearing about this bag aka beauty subscription until his ears blistered and he felt like a new addition of the family was arriving. It didn't help that on Facebook Ipsy kept on giving such illustrative hints that teased the imagination. So if you want to try this beauty subscription click here:

           Finally my bag did arrive! The items included weren't completely a surprise but a tad bit disappointing because of the size.

The goodies that I loved in my bag were the following:

1. City Color White Color Shadow and Highlight Mouse
Even though it was a full sized item I still thought it was a tad bit on the small side. Like come on it isn't even 1 oz! I can imagine using this color as not only an obvious eyeshadow but also to try as a highlight. Being a makeup newbie highlight would be an unexplored territory for me. On the website it says that these retails for $3.99. 

2. Urban Decay 24/7 Velvet Glide- On Eye Pencil Travel Size:

OK, so who doesn't like Urban Decay?! I have heard so many raves about this product on YouTube. The fact that I got this in my Ipsy bag was an unexpected boon. I had tried one of the Urban decays eyeliners in the past but in the color purple. Unfortunately, my eyes didn't take too kindly to the product since I am allergic to the some ingredient in colored pencils for most brands. Hopefully the black color, which I use often, will work out and it came with an attached tutorial on smokey eyes. This usually retails for ten dollars which covers the entire price of the bag.

3. Tinted Lip Balm by Cailyn:

This lip balms style was an eye catcher for me. I was keeping my fingers crossed that I would get this item. I was thrown outta my comfort zone when I saw that the color I had received was Acid Pink which is close to the Orchid color featured in many upcoming spring trends. Surprisingly my lips looks gorgeous. Even though I am a caffeine drinker and was concerned that my teeth would be too stained, they gleamed white. The only shortcoming was that the product sat in my lips fine lines so exfoliating is a given even though this is a lip balm. Also it wasn't as moisturizing for me as other users had mentioned. This product was full sized and retails for $12. The brush was a lovely touch and makes it easier to apply the product.

4. Benefit lollitint:
This product was a sample size and reminded me of the retro days when staining your cheeks and lips were a given. I was disappointed that I had gotten a sample size because I could have just gotten that at Sephora for free. The upside is that the color  is Orchid which was declared the color of the year. I also have never tried a product of this kind before.

5. Look So Natural Lashes by KISS

At least I can claim that I have owned a pair of lashed in my life! That being said I really would have gone without this product but since this subscription aims to explore makeup and beauty options, I was not too put out by this. I would have preferred to get my lashes in Vamp for Halloween but instead ended up with Flirty. I'll give it a try because I love KISS Nail Products. This item retails for $3.99 and is a full sized product.

So the total value of the items is rounded off to $30. Which isn't too bad for ten dollars. Considering the value of the past bags exceeded $60, I had expected more of a punch. The fact that all products come inside an IPSY themed make up bag is a nice touch. They also try to add some glam to the packaging by packing it in a bright pink bubble envelope. I felt like I got the value of my money this month for the subscription and have heard on YouTube that this is one of the better $10 subscriptions.

If you guys are interested you can click on my referral code:

This referral code is one of the  great ways to get points for free future items. Also points can also be accumulated by reviewing your bag, products and sharing feedback on Facebook. 

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Once Upon A Time

The show Once Upon A Time had an episode explaining why the Evil Queens one true love was the reason behind why she hates Snow White. In all fairy tales the antagonists side of the story is never fully considered.  The Queen is just considered evil and the fairy tales assumption is that the audience will take in stride as such. The fact that she actually had a "true love" is never considered. The show depicts various points of view one of which where Snow White innocently played a hand in the untimely demise of the Queens love. Ultimately, the evil queens mother kills him to further her own ambition using her daughter as a vessel which leads to the Queen's plummet into darkness. The angle of Snow Whites daughter being the only one able to save the land of Storybrooke is a very different from the original fairytale. In the original tale Snow White is never shown as having children and the evil Queen dies dancing in the red shoes that she forced to wear at Snow Whites wedding.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Modern day fairy tale connections Part One


This book has  a scene that coincides with the Grimm's tale called The Children Who Played at Slaughtering. The author Marjane gets her childhood playmates together to attack another child by poking his eyes out with nails. The children believe this is justified since the child's father is a guard that persecutes people that are against the current regime. They want to punish him for his fathers crime and are stopped by Marjanes  mother who gets to them before they can cause any really harm. In the fairytale, the children believe that slaughtering one of their playmates is justified since they saw the adults slaughtering their livestock. The children believe that by mimicking the adults behavior that makes it "ok" for them to play at slaughtering without any dire consequences.

Mirror Mirror the  movie:

The story of Snow White is retold in this epic movie starring Julia Roberts as the Queen. The movie starts with the introduction of dark magic, which is fought by the King who disappears, that is not the case in the fairytale where he actually dies. The mirror on the wall is a reflection of the Queen's inner self and there is no magical being like the one in the fairytale. Snow White is decidedly shown in a comical aspect. The Prince is stripped off of his clothing by the bandits who also happen to be the dwarves. The dwarves take Snow White in when she escapes from the Queen but hesitantly and there is no mention of any caves in the movies. The apple which kills Snow White in the fairytale isn't seen until the very end when the Queen is an old woman, not by choice but the price she pays for all of her spells and magic. Snow White sees rights through the Queens last attempt at killing her and reminds the Queen not to forget the grand scheme of things and her place in it. The Queen does not die in the end like in the fairytale but becomes a shriveled old woman who has lost all her beauty and the kingdom. Snow White is seen as very smart which is conveyed in the movie when she sees right through the last conniving trick of the already defeated Queen.


Sunday, September 29, 2013

Various Endings

Clever Hans:

Is a formula tale that always begins in a similar fashion. It can be considered a cumulative tale because the beginning is always the same. The tale can also be considered a cautionary tale because it warns the reader that one should think for themselves or they will end up like Hans with no bride.

How some children played at slaughtering:

This is a cautionary tale that has a hidden warning. The warning is aimed at the parents specifically in reference to the things they might do in front of their children that lead to death and chaos. In the first part the child picked the apple which was a sign that he was innocent of the slaughter and that the child's intentions was not malicious. The second part led to the death of a whole family. The mother was not able to control her emotions and loses all her children  in the process of killing one. 

Maiden without hands: 

This is a fairytale and a religious one. It tells the reader that you should trust in God. You should never expect anything for nothing from random strangers that you do not know. The parents are only seen in the beginning and then the whole story revolves around the daughter. The daughter is punished for the sins of her parents when the devil tries to ruin her marriage. God intervenes and protects her while her husband is searching for her.

Freddie and Katy:

This is a cautionary tale that has omissions in it. The omission would be the rape of the wife. In the end the transition of her whole personality shows a 180 degree change because of that incident. The husband deserts her in her time of need and the parson is shown as the devil yet she is considered the devil. Her behavior is very childish and contrary before she gets raped. After the incident the whole story is flipped.